What We Do

BancCap Advisors, LLC is a mortgage services company. Our mission is to provide capital markets access to companies that wish to enter or expand in the subprime mortgage industry, but who may lack the internal expertise, infrastructure, stand-alone scale, or financing to do so.

BancCap targets successful mid-sized subprime and Alt-A mortgage originators that have not yet independently securitized their loans, or have infrequently securitzed and are looking for incremental exit strategies in addition to whole loan sales. BancCap provides this alternative through its co-securitization program, entitled BICEP.

Through the BICEP process, participants' loans are securitized and economics are passed through to each participant based on the quality and performance of their own loans. BancCap administers the program, performing, amongst other functions, the following:

  • Sourcing, qualifying and enrolling program participants.
  • Engaging and coordinating with securitization underwriters.
  • Engaging and coordinating with the servicer for each securitization.
  • Establishing and maintaining warehouse lines and premium financing lines.
  • Establishing due diligence standards and monitoring due diligence activities.
  • Closing each securitization transation and allocating securitization credit support, expenses and proceeds.
  • Monitoring post-securitization activity and allocating residual cashflows.
  • Preparing and distributing securitization and post-securitization transaction reports.

Our participants include retail and wholesale mortgage orignators.

The BICEP program involves publicly issued securities off of either the BancCap registered shelf or a dealer shelf.

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